Upcoming SRI events – 9 Nov – save the date!

I will be involved in a number of events in and around Good Money Week 2016 (30 October – 5 November).

In particular I will be running a Fund EcoMarket related event with a number of our wonderful fund manager sponsors at the City Centre (80 Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 5AG) a beautiful section of the Guildhall in the City of London, on the morning of 9 November. So please save the date!

We are still finalising the details, but if you would like to be kept informed about this or other events please email me on Julia@sriServices.co.uk .

This and other Good Money Week events will be publicised via www.GoodMoneyWeek.org.

An related event (with spaces available) that is coming up rather sooner is the ‘Who is Pulling the Strings’ Sarasin & Partners event at the London Stock Exchange on 20 September’.

The agenda is available via http://www.sarasinresponsibleseminar.com/ .

Please contact Sarasin via this link to sign up… maybe see you there?!?

Meanwhile… enjoy the sun and have a great bank holiday weekend!



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