Unbiased.co.uk Responsible Investment IFA of the Year Award

It was a great pleasure to have been invited to attend the Unbiased.co.uk Media Awards recently.   The event included – for the first time – a new award of the adviser who was judged to have contributed the most towards promoting responsible investment in the media over the previous year.

Entrants were drawn from the Unbiased ‘Blue Book’ which is a list of advisers who are willing to give their time to help promote the IFA sector in the media.

Having helped judge the award I can honestly say it was hard to chose the winner but in the end the judges were unanimous.  Ruth Whitehead had both the greatest level of coverage and had demonstrated an enthusiastic, positive knowledge of a wide range of issues relating to responsible investment.

Well done both to Ruth Whitehead of Ruth Whitehead Associates (winner) and Olivia Bowen of the Gaeia Partnership (runner up).

It was also my great pleasure during this process to be able to spend some time with the award sponsor Paul Robinson, CEO of Alquity who’s new business and Africa fund add an exciting and very positive dimension to the SRI options available to today’s investors.  A huge thank you to Alquity for their support!


Responsible IFA of the Year Award

Sponsored by Alquity

Winner Ruth Whitehead or Ruth Whitehead Associates

Runner Up Olivia Bowen of the Gaeia Partnership

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