UK ethical investment grows to £12.2 bn

ESG  (Environmental, Social and Governance) research provider EIRIS has published figures showing that ethical investment in the UK has increased over the last 12 months to an all time high of £12.2 billion.

The following is an excerpt from their press release whcih was issued this week:


Source: EIRIS

UK ethical investment grows to £12.2 bn

11 October 2013 (London) The figure released today  by global responsible investment research firm EIRIS, shows that the  amount of money invested in the UK’s green and ethical retail funds is  now at an all-time high of £12.2billion. Launched in the run  up to the UK’s sixth National Ethical Investment Week (13 – 19 October  2013),  which is aimed at ensuring that everyone is aware that they have  green and ethical options when it comes to taking  financial decisions,  the latest figure of £12.2 billion* is a dramatic increase from £4  billion in 2001.  Out of around 80 funds that featured in both EIRIS’  2013 and 2012 estimates, EIRIS estimates that 10 grew by over 50%  from  June 2012 to June 2013; 23 grew by 20-50% and 18 grew by over 10% (but  under 20%) in the same period.**

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