Synaptic Connections magazine SRI article: Enquiring Stewards


Synaptic published a number of articles on sustainable, responsible and ethical investment last week in their Q1 adviser magazine…

The first in the series was our introductory article  entitled ‘Enquiring Stewards: researching the areas others may fail to consider’.

The article explained how much is changing in the investment world and the usefulness of considering ‘Environmental, Social and Governance‘ issues –  both for investment reasons and because many people care about such issues and will welcome ‘ethically appropriate’ investment advice.

The article gave examples of funds in each of the eight Fund EcoMarket ‘SRI Styles’ – including discussing how ESG integration can work in practice – highlighting Sarasin & Partners  work as part of the ‘Aiming for A’ coalition.

 For a full copy of the  Enquiring Stewards article see here. (p38)

To view the full Synaptic Connections magasine see here. (Please note this version has an incorrect SRI Styles diagram in the Enquiring Stewards article.)

The full magazine includes articles from Stewart Smith at RSMR, Mike Appleby at Alliance Trust and Bryn Jones at Rathbones – as well as from Naj Begum at Synaptic – all of whom I am delighted to report that we collaborate with in various different ways!



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