SRI Fund Database Updated

The Fund EcoMarket database has now been updated with April 2012 figures.

A range of changes have been put through in this months update – including additional (external) funds added to the Aviva platform, tweaks to the FL platform and increasing use of the L&G Ethical Global Equity Index from a range of life and pension platforms.  Wesleyan also have added a link to the Kames Ethical Equity fund.

As yet there remains no change with regard to registrations on the Synaptics Research database in response to the downsizing of the in house SRI resources at Henderson and Aviva – indicating a ‘wait and see’ situation across the many providers who link to those funds.

COMING SOON – An ‘Adviser Guide to Sustainable and Responsible Investing’ researched and created through a collaboration between sriServices and Rayner Spencer Mills.  Kindly sponsored by Ecclesiastical and F&C.

Watch this space!




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