Seize the day :  The Economist comments on falling oil prices

Rarely have I seen such a welcome headline as in today’s Economist (16 January 2015)…

“Seize the day – The fall in the price of oil and gas provides a once in a generation opportunity to fix bad energy policies.”

See the article here.

 The gist of this article is in my view absolutely ‘spot on’ .  I have not yet read the other related articles in this week’s magazine, but thought I’d share this whist it is new!

My response which (for the first time ever!)  I felt sufficiently moved to add to their comments page… is below

A big rethink is indeed long overdue particularly in light of the highly credible ‘unburnable carbon’ research. Talk of supporting oil and gas horrifies me, whereas your ‘bigger picture’ perspective is welcome.
Surely if the Bank of England can recognise the urgent nature (and the complexity) of the ‘energy vs planet’ equation government should not find it too hard…
Assuming 350ppm of carbon is about right (as it would appear to be) then we need to reach this ceiling as slowly as possible. This must be the least painful way to work towards adjusting to a new ‘energy world order’.
Those in positions of power need to help not hinder this process and must be more responsive to peoples’ needs (as opposed to their desires). Protecting our planet must be an (the?) essential component of this.
Transitional measures will of course be needed and fossil fuels will have a role to play for some years yet – but this nettle needs to be grasped right now.
It is time to stop gambling with our children’s futures.



Full link to article: 

Full Economist magazine  link

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