‘Screened, Themed & Engaged 2016’ SRI event videos


9 November was an historic day…

And I am particularly happy to report that – even with the news of Donald Trump’s election victory that morning – the attendance at our ‘Screened, Themed and Engaged 2016’ event was excellent.

The half day ‘Fund EcoMarket and Partners’ event included presentations from UKSIF, MSCI and myself – plus four rounds of table based sessions with managers of screened, themed and (or) engaged/responsible investment options Unicorn Asset Management, Rathbones, Alliance Trust Investment and Sarasin and Partners.

From the feedback it is clear that the event was a big success and that the panel session was particularly popular.  So I am delighted to publish (uncut) videos of that session as well as my own slot – for use by ‘industry professionals’ in and around the retail, individual investor facing financial services community…

Videos are available here:

Introduction to sriServices & Fund EcoMarket  (Julia Dreblow – funder of sriServices and event organiser)

Panel Session 1 (panel members from fund managers listed above, MSCI, and IFA Julian Parrott)

Panel Session 2 (follows on from session 1)

My thanks go to our fund manager partners, who are amongst the sponsors of www.FundEcoMarket.co.uk, our other expert speakers and of course to the delegates who came along on what was a seriously cold, wet and generally ‘could have been better’, but none the less hopefully useful, day!





Direct YouTube links – ‘Julia Dreblow’ account:

https://youtu.be/EjQZJbA88x8   panel 1

https://youtu.be/A-KevxT1zBo     panel 2

https://youtu.be/V2kWI6kOEDI intro to FEM

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