New Rayner Spencer Mills / sriServices Literature and Rated SRI fund list for Financial Advisers

Our collaboration with ‘Rayner Spencer Mills Research’  reached a new high this week with the unveiling of two exciting new items of adviser facing literature – in the beautiful Guildhall, in the City of London.

The items which have been produced are:

  1. RSMR (Rayner Spencer Mills Research)  Rated SRI Fund List (2014) – which cluster SRI options according to sriServicesSRI Styles’ in order to help advisers to identify relevant client options more easily.
  2. RSMR / sriServices (2014) Adviser Guide to SRI This updated guide introduces the different approaches adopted by different SRI and ethical options and explains how these have been brought together into ‘SRI Styles’ (segments) in order to support the SRI advice process.

This well attended event was kindly sponsored by Alliance Trust, who’s ‘Sustainable Future’ funds are amongst those now ‘Rated’ by SRI under their innovative new SRI Ratings system.

We are also grateful to UKSIF and Panacea Adviser who presented alongside Alliance Trust, RSMR and sriServices on the day and helped make the event such a success!

To see other literature produced by or with the help of sriServices please see our ‘Literature Directory’.


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