New funds on Fund EcoMarket

You may have noticed there are lots of changes going on on at the moment!

In addition to working on the ‘Corporate Activity’ area which is still ‘work in progress’ we have also just carried out our quarterly update.

Some of the most notable highlights of this quarter were the…

  • Addition of a number of new Pension options – with multiple options added by Aegon, Aviva and Zurich
  • Addition of Life fund options available via Aviva, Scot Eq Life options, Kames and Zurich
  • Addition of Charity focused OEICs from EdenTree and Epworth
  • Addition of Threadneedle Ethical OEIC and Trojan Ethical Income OEIC
  • Addition of Bacit Investment Trust

This update highlighted how vibrant this market now is with numerous additions and – I believe for the first time since we launched – no deletions!

It was also great to note the diversity of these options and the diverse markets they aim to serve… please feel free check them out!

Onward and upwards 😉




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