Fund EcoMarket adviser tool pilot now LIVE!

The new on-line Fund EcoMarket adviser tool will be launched during National Ethical Investment Week 2011 (16-22 October).

We are now testing the system – to ensure all is well in advance of the launch!

 What is Fund EcoMarket?

Fund EcoMarket is a database tool which has been created to help financial advisers to match clients’ SRI aims and needs to the fund options that are available in the UK retail market today.

Which funds are included?

  • There are over 400 fund entries.
  • This includes Life, Pension, UT/OEIC and IT fund options.
  • All are SRI funds – as defined within the seven sriServices / Fund EcoMarket ‘EcoStyles’
  • All retail funds have a basic listing. (Fund manager will be given the option to add information post launch).
  • Listings are based on information supplied by Synaptic Research, with additional ‘engagement only’ propositions listed based on research carried out over the summer.

How does it work?

The system is very straightforward. The adviser is required to put in some basic identification information first.  They can then select which product area(s) ,  investment sector(s) or styles the client is interested in.  There is also the option to complete a tick-box online client SRI fact find questionnaire –  a list of ‘indicator’ statements.

From this information the system will generate a list of possible SRI styles and fund options – from which an adviser can select funds for further consideration. The adviser can print out this information, or save it to pdf.

How have funds been segmented?

Funds have been segmented into 7 styles based on their SRI characteristic (eg themes adopted, approaches applied, issues considered…).

Who is the tool for?

This site is  for UK based financial advisers only.  It is intended for information purposes only and aims to compliment existing adviser tools.  This tool is intended to be used in addition to advisers regular fund research and due diligence – filling an ‘information gap’ that has existed to date.

 How does the client SRI fact find questionnaire work?

When the client has selected the fact find statements that best match their individual views and aims the system combines the results to generate a list of ‘best fit’ segment or ‘EcoStyles’ within the relevant product/sector universe.

The tool works on a scoring basis with different questions indicating different levels of interest in each EcoStyle.  All funds within relevant styles will be shown to the adviser.

For investors who by-pass the questionnaire and select their own Style all fund options within that style/product/sector combination will also be shown.

What additional fund information may be added later?

There is a dummy fund entry called ‘Example’, listed as a ‘Balanced Ethical, UK Equity OEIC’ which demonstrates the fields that will be available for funds to populate post launch.

What next?

If you would like to find out more or join the pilot please contact


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