Getting social with SRI

Financial advisers who are interested in discussing Ethical Investment and SRI with their clients now have access to additional tools thanks to the Panacea Adviser Social Stream…

Panacea, the adviser portal with some 14,000 users, has just published two ‘Sustainable and Responsible Investment’ blogs to help advisers ‘get social’ with ethically minded clients.

The adviser blogs were scripted by sriServices, topped and tailed by social media experts ‘Social Adviser’ and proofed by compliance specialists.

The two new blogs – which aim to educate, inform and enthuse clients – are:

  • Blog #1 – Make Money and Make a Difference with SRI and Ethical Investment.
  • Blog #2 – What is SRI and how does it work?

Both are available for authorised financial advisers to download and issue as they stand – or they can be amended if required – remembering of course that responsibility for compliance rests, as ever, with the adviser.

To download these blogs advisers need to register via the Panacea Adviser site here.

These SRI blogs will soon be followed by a generic 90 second ‘client friendly’ introductory video … making it ever easier for advisers to be both social and socially responsible!

And – if you have not done so already – click here to check out the Panacea Adviser Ethical Zone and Panacea Fund EcoMarket database tool.



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