Funds Demand Climate Review

You may have spotted coverage in this week’s FTfm (and elsewhere) of a letter convened by SRI industry association UKSIF and others  entitled ‘Funds Demand Climate Review’.

The letter signed by Aviva Investors and many others voiced opposition to the Treasury having apparently blocked a major government review into the ‘long term impact of resource depletion, climate trends and their impact on business and investment’.

The letter, headed: “Request to investigate Treasury halting of Review into Resource Depletion Climate Change and Growth” was addressed to Andrew Tyrie, chair of the Treasury select committee.

UKSIF outlined their reasoning further in a press release headed ‘UKSIF calls for clarity over resource security and growth’.

sriServices strongly agrees with the view that resource scarcity and climate change represent major risks both for business and for investors.  This view was illustrated further in the FT article which referenced these factors as relevant to nearly one third of the profit warnings issued by FTSE350 companies during 2011.

 sriServices are interested to understand the view of the broader financial services industry and invites financial services professionals to respond to the question below:



Should regulators encourage government and the Treasury to improve their understanding of the ‘impact of resource scarcity and climate change on business and investors’?

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