Fund EcoMarket Update(s) to our sustainable, responsible and ethical investment fund hub Q4 & Q1 2017

wordle-70-finalMuch has changed on Fund EcoMarket over the last few months – most noticeably with a major time (and money) commitment – adding the new ‘Corporate SRI Activity’ filter field onto the top section of the tool – as reported previously.

(The aim of this area is to help highlight useful ‘behind the scenes’ fund manager activity that aligns with screened and themed SRI fund aims.)

This pushed our Q4 2016 Fund EcoMarket database update back a little – however this is now complete with minimal changes made.

This all means it is now time to turn attention to the future and other planned improvements.

Planned changes:

  • Update to sub headers within Fund EcoMarket. We are currently working on bringing the precise wording of all the fields and reporting functions on Fund EcoMarket into line with the changes made to the filter headings in November.  All data displays correctly of course – but the eagle eyed amongst you may notice some of the headers have not yet been updated.  This should be completed within the next fortnight or so.
  • Reviewing Investment Type categories.  We are also in the process of extending the range of options within the investment type area so that users no longer have to guess (for example) whether a UK fund is ‘UK Equity’ or ‘UK Fixed Interest’.  (We use our own system based on what actually exists in the SRI market fyi).  These changes should be finalised within the next few weeks.
  • DFM entries Q1.  The next development will be to add DFM entries to Fund EcoMarket as this is in line with our aim to make Fund EcoMarket a hub of all the information on SRI/Ethical options that advisers need or may find useful.  This will however be on a ‘DFM pays to be listed’ basis  Our plan is to do this during Q1. We have a list of DFMs who we will ask to complete our fund template (once this is updated following the changes above) – but do please contact me if you wish to nominate others .
  • Fund data reviews Q1.  Once this is complete we aim to revisit the core data on the ‘more information’ area of this site.  IF you have ideas about useful filter options that should be added to our existing options please get in touch before we start this research (as this can not be changed afterwards – without revisiting all fund managers!!).  I will write out on this again in the New Year – but if you are a user of Fund EcoMarket please do let me have your thoughts on what else would be useful to be able to highlight or compare for your clients. (ie are there any ‘policies’, ‘features’ or ‘corporate SRI activity’ options that you would like us to add. 
  • Please go to WWW.FUNDECOMARKET.CO.UK to see what options are there at the moment.

Thanks in advance!






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