Fund Style Name: Social Themed

Style USP: Investment options that select holdings based on social aims and criteria


Brief description of Style

Funds that select investments based on both their financial credentials and their ability to support, encourage and/or facilitate positive social outcomes.


SRI approach applied

Funds select or avoid investments according to criteria which relate primarily to social issues – such as employee relations, human rights, equal opportunities and benefits to local communities.   Only investments that match published criteria will be allowable for investment.


SRI issues covered

‘People issues’ including employment and the provision of basic necessities such as housing, infrastructure, education, health services and other benefits to local (or other named) communities.   Other issues may also be considered but are considered a lower priority than these issues and so may be less relevant to investment selection decisions.


Variation across Style segment

This SRI Style currently has only one fund option. (There is only one regulated, retail, onshore fund of this kind available to UK retail investors as far as we are aware.)


Impact on investment strategy

Investment reflects the fund’s allowable universe and the assets types held by the fund.


Who is this Style most likely to appeal to?

Investors who are primarily interested in ‘people’ issues – as opposed to environmental or sustainability issues.


Associated Styles

There are elements of crossover between Social funds and Ethical funds – as well as some Sustainability themed funds.

Other similarly ‘themed’ options include some ‘social/impact investment’ options however these are not currently available via regulated collective investment options as far as we are aware.


Associated jargon

‘social impact’ – ie bringing (positive) benefits to communities/defined groups of people – usually in the short to medium term






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