Welcome to Fund EcoMarket – advisers’ ethical friend

Welcome to Fund EcoMarket – the SRI fund database tool and information hub that helps you to shortlist Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) options in just a few clicks. 


  • This site is for information only.
  • There are around 350 sustainable, responsible and ethical investment entries on the Fund EcoMarket database and fund information hub.
  • This includes all regulated, retail, onshore SRI funds* listed by their full name
  • Entries include Life, Pension, Investment Trust and Unit Trust/OEIC options. Some, but not all SICAV options are also listed.
  • Entries include a diverse range of fund types,  products options and distributers.
  • Also available are ‘responsible ownership’ and ‘ESG Integration’ corporate level entries – for those investment houses that have invited to respond to our questionnaire.
  • Detailed information is embedded within primary OEIC entries where applicable (this is not duplicated in sub funds)
  • Sponsor entries are highlighted with logos shown.  Our sponsors enable this site to be free to use.

Who is Fund EcoMarket for?

This tool is intended primarily for use by financial advisers  (and related financial services professionals) although it is  open for everyone to use.   

This tool has been been made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors who’s logos are displayed on www.fundecomarket.co.uk

About Fund EcoMarket

All SRI options are listed on the database and all are classified by ‘SRI Style’.

Not all fund entries include ‘SRI Policy’ and ‘Other SRI features’ information yet.   If you use these options only funds that have completed our survey will be listed… so users may wish to generate lists with and without using these filter options.

How to use Fund EcoMarket

The aim of this tool is to equip advisers to be able to match their clients’ sustainable, responsible and ethical investment (SRI) aims to  fund options.

The best way to get started is to encourage clients to complete our unique ‘SRI StyleFinder’ fact find questionnaire in order to identify their preferred ‘SRI Style’s.  (This will help you to identify ethically relevant options as ‘SRI Styles’ is on of the filter options within Fund EcoMarket.)

The next step is to use the main Fund EcoMarket database too.  This has six filter boxes which include both fund identification options (name, product, investment type) and SRI/ethical options ( SRI Style, SRI policy, SRI features).  Fund entries also include information and links supplied by fund managers.

Once selection criteria have been selected click ‘search’ to generate a list of fund options.

You can then ‘select’ (ie tick) the preferred fund options and send these to ‘print’  in a full and detailed report.

Fund EcoMarket Filters:

  • ‘Fund Name’ – funds are listed by fund and company/distributor names
  • Investment Types’ are a shortened amalgamation of ABI, IMA and/or other sector classifications.  Advisers may wish to select more than one to find all relevant funds.
  • ‘Fund/Product Type’ offers four options – Life, Pension, UT/OEIC and Investment Trust
  • ‘SRI Styles‘ represent a fund’s core SRI characteristics – such as their stated theme or their approach to ethical, social, environmental and governance related opportunities and risks.
  • ‘SRI Policy’ – represents the key ethical and SRI issues that funds commonly consider.  Funds are shown as either having a policy in a given area or not.  You need to read the additional information to find out more about what this means in practice.  (Not all fund managers have replied to our request for this information and the filter will only pick up funds that have responded. )
  • ‘SRI Features’ – options relate to other interesting SRI related areas or fund USPs. (Again – not all fund managers have replied to our request for this information so if too few options appear on your search you may wish to deselect this field. )
  • ‘Corporate Activity’.  This field brings together many of the key SRI differentiators relating to (typically) company level decision making relating to issues such as ‘ESG Integration, Responsible Investment Ownership and Stewardship.  (These relate to what fund managers do (often) across the board – not simply at individual fund level.)

How does it work?

You can select specific Styles or complete the online ‘SRI Style fact find questionnaire’ with your client to help identify the Styles that are most likely to be suitable.

  • Each fact find question indicates a degree of interest in each of the Styles. Clients should select those which most closely match their personal aims.

When you click ‘Search’ the Fund EcoMarket will generate a list of all the funds that fall within the top three ‘best fit’ Styles within your selected Investment Sector(s) and Product(s).

  • You may have a significant number of options to choose between. You can select your favourite funds from this list and save or print your selected options.

Classifications are primarily based on publicly available information although this is sometimes supplemented by information supplied by fund managers or by other research.

  • Fund EcoMarket makes no judgement with regard to the suitability of fund processes, strategies or criteria as different strategies suit different investors. It is our aim to add information on an ongoing basis to further support the SRI advice process.

Some funds offer the option to view ‘additional information’.  Where this is the case please open this drop box as it is likely to contain important additional information including variations on the information above in some cases.


Additional Information

This tool is intended to fill a gap in the market by helping advisers to identify the different approaches that are available in the SRI market and match their clients aims to possible investment options. Advisers should be aware that this tool is intended to compliment and not replace their existing research processes, due diligence and fact finding.

sriServices is grateful to Synaptic Research for their support identifying funds* however neither they nor sriServices/Fund EcoMarket are in any way responsible for advice given as a result of using this tool. Entries will be updated periodically and includes primary research carried out by sriServices.

This database is intended for use by professional financial advisers only and is for information purposes only. Fund EcoMarket and SRI Services are not authorised to offer investment advice.

We respect your privacy and will never pass your details on to others without consent.


Fund EcoMarket version 1 – overview.

Please not this presentation is now out of date.

For further explanation please download the 30 minute powerpoint presentation .  You will need to ‘save’ the presentation to hear the narration.


This information is for use by UK professional financial advisers only. SRI Services is not authorised to give investment advice, if you are an individual investor you can find an IFA on www.unbiased.co.uk. The information on this site does not in any way constitute advice or recommendation. The information and tools are intended to compliment, not replace existing adviser information sources. Investment decisions should not be based on the information contained on this site alone. Please confirm fund information with fund managers. We cannot be held in responsible for advice given as a result of using this site and are not responsible for the content of sites linked to this service, we do however of course take every effort to ensure the content of this site is as accurate as possible at time of publication.