SRI Fact Find and Client Microsite

There are two ways to access our client SRI Fact Find Questionnaire:

1.  Via the Fund EcoMarket  ‘StyleFinder Questionnaire’ button

  • Click on the button, enter your responses and record / print your findings

2.  Via the ‘SRI StyleFinder’ client microsite.  See below:


How to use the SRI StyleFinder Client questionnaire and microsite

The client microsite was developed following requests from advisers for an online option for clients to complete the SRI fact find in their own time.    This was the result!

An adviser can either send the url link below to a client – or embed it into their own website.

Advisers are encouraged to instruct clients to answer the questions as carefully as possible and then generate a report from the site.

The report will list their top three SRI Styles.

The report  can be used to help identify relevant SRI options (via Fund EcoMarket) and can form part of the adviser audit trail.

The full url of the client microsite is:

This service is free of charge.  It is however funded by a ‘Find Adviser’ button (on Fund EcoMarket, ie not the client microsite) – which advisers can add their name to for a nominal fee.


  • Please note that unlike the Fund EcoMarket adviser tool the client site makes no reference to specific funds.
  • On a technical note – as the ‘StyleFinder’ site is a ‘microsite’ it does not require the use of the ‘www’ prefix.
  • Please be aware we are not authorised to offer advice… these tools are essentially free of charge and for information purposes only.  (We are always happy to help advisers but please do not encourage your clients to call us if they have a question!)
  • All compliance related responsibilities rest with the adviser.
  • The Fund EcoMarket database tool is strictly for use only by UK financial advisers.
  • We welcome feedback and questions!


This information is for use by UK professional financial advisers only. SRI Services is not authorised to give investment advice, if you are an individual investor you can find an IFA on The information on this site does not in any way constitute advice or recommendation. The information and tools are intended to compliment, not replace existing adviser information sources. Investment decisions should not be based on the information contained on this site alone. Please confirm fund information with fund managers. We cannot be held in responsible for advice given as a result of using this site and are not responsible for the content of sites linked to this service, we do however of course take every effort to ensure the content of this site is as accurate as possible at time of publication.