Fund EcoMarket database tool and fund hub

The ‘Fund EcoMarket’ tool is a database of all onshore, regulated, retail ‘Sustainable, Responsible and Ethical’ funds – plus a small number of related options.  Funds are segmented into eight ‘SRI Styles’ according to their  ‘ethical’ characteristics, which we call ‘SRI Styles’.


This ‘adviser friendly’ tool helps financial advisers to find SRI funds that match their clients’ ethical goals.

The Fund EcoMarket database tool is made up of three part:

  • a segmented fund database (that shows all SRI and Ethical Investment options) with numerous filtering options & information
  • an SRI ‘StyleFinder’ fact find questionnaire (that helps you to identify your clients aims)
  • a full report functions – to support the adviser audit trail


This tool simplifies and supports the ‘Sustainable and Responsible Investment’ advice process.

The tool gives advisers the option to input which ‘SRI Style(s)’, ‘Fund Types’ and ‘Investment Areas’  their client may be interested in – and to filter by additional SRI information or fund name.

The site generates a full list of all relevant SRI options which can be printed in bespoke adviser friendly report.


The Fund EcoMarket site is open for all to see and recommends people contact a financial adviser.

  • For people with no adviser we offer a ‘Find Adviser’ list, which is open, for a small fee, to advisers who always offer SRI/ethical options to all clients.


For users who do not know which ‘SRI Styles’  best suit a client’s needs and wish to use this service there is an optional SRI fact find questionnaire that will list ‘best fit’ SRI Styles.

This questionnaire is available on the open site (with the Find Adviser button) and on the sriServices ‘client microsite’ where there is generic client friendly support material but no adviser list.

Fund EcoMarket_logoPlease note we do not offer advice and this tool is for information purposes only.


Additional Reading

To understand how we have classified SRI and Ethical funds into SRI Styles see the  ‘SRI Styles’ definitions within the tool.

For more information on what is on the database see our ‘Welcome to Fund EcoMarket’ page.

If you have further queries please contact us.



This information is for use by UK professional financial advisers only. SRI Services is not authorised to give investment advice, if you are an individual investor you can find an IFA on The information on this site does not in any way constitute advice or recommendation. The information and tools are intended to compliment, not replace existing adviser information sources. Investment decisions should not be based on the information contained on this site alone. Please confirm fund information with fund managers. We cannot be held in responsible for advice given as a result of using this site and are not responsible for the content of sites linked to this service, we do however of course take every effort to ensure the content of this site is as accurate as possible at time of publication.