July 2012 Fund EcoMarket database changes

I have just completed a further update for Fund EcoMaket adviser SRI database.  

These updates are based on the changes that have come through in this months Capita/Synaptics Research feed…. which I use as my main information source.

A range of changes have been put through in this quarter’s update including the following:

  • Enter – the IFDS IM Truestone Global Impact fund (launched in 2011).  It is great to see this fund making an appearance on the Capita/FinEx list and a welcome addition as the first ‘Impact Investment’ fund to do so.   This necessitated the creation of a new ‘Style’ on my database which I have currently labeled as ‘Specialist’ to avoid confusion with other funds – as this fund explicitly seeks both ‘social and investment’ returns in a way that other SRI options generally do not.  The fund is listed as a UT/OEIC fund.
  • Enter – two new Sterling Kames links
  • Enter Aviva platform has added CIS Select Portfolio options
  • EnterAXA Wealth has added AXA IM Ethical Distribution and FL Ethical Distribution options
  • EnterL&G PMC ethical options bringing their SRI pension options total to 10 (plus 6 life options)
  • Exit Pru’s in house funds, enter – additional Pru fund external links – a strategy which probably makes a great deal of sense given market conditions and history
  • Rebrand – the Winterthur funds have been rebranded as Friends Life – which adds welcome variety the their already extensive SRI pension platform.  This brings their SRI pensions total (excluding Engagement (REO) options) to a highly commendable 21 funds – a great complement to the 22 SRI options now on their life platform (again, excluding REO options)
  • Reclassification for Zurich UK Opportunities fund (formerly Environmental Opportunities) – these funds remain flagged as ‘Ethical’ on FinEx/Capita systems  although they have dropped the ‘Environmental label.  Having done a quick search on line I have attached link to fund pdf to their entry on the database so advisers can make their own minds up – but have decided to register them on my tool as  ‘other/unclassified’ pending further clarification (again, a new classification – created as a result of this change).

To check out the database see: http://www.sriservices.co.uk/fund-ecomarket-tool

Please note – all classifications are based on my understanding of published materials, please see fund details for further information. … or email me on Julia@sriServices.co.uk to discuss!





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