Fund EcoMarket quarterly update, Liontrust and new fund research

eggsA brief pre Easter update… highlighting some of the changes we have made to Fund EcoMarket over the last quarter and our plans …

Fund EcoMarket Quarterly listing update

In addition to some minor tweaks to names and subfunds the following are the key changes that may interest users of our SRI database tool:

  • Pictet Water and Pictet Global Opportunities have been added – with full text and links now available.
  • Three new charity focused funds have been added – for Rathbones, Epworth and Charity Assets Trust
  • The Threadneedle Social bond fund has two new external links and is now available as a pension fund from Scottish Widows and FL

Liontrust take over of ATI Sustainable Futures funds and team

We have recently started the process of switching the Sustainable Futures fund range information from Alliance Trust Investment to Liontrust, following the investment team’s move on 3 April.

At present the information on Fund EcoMarket remains unchanged (although the logos have been switched).  Fund entries will be updated as new literature becomes available.

Having met with both former ATI SF people and Liontrust management in recent weeks I am pleased to report that this highly regarded team appear to have found a home that will enable them to flourish.

I am not unbiased of course (I have been a fan of their strategies since long before starting my own ‘independent’ business – and they also support Fund EcoMarket)  but it seemed to me that there is a genuine alignment of core values between the parties, particularly around the importance of sustainability in investment decision making.

For those with clients’ money in the SF range I would pass on the thought that the SF fund management team remains unchanged.  Investors should be reassured that the team (and their assets) have now happily found a new home that understands the value of this area and is able to support it going forward.  As I understand it Liontrust bought the ATI team because of their reputation and skill in the sustainable investment market, so they are clearly committed to its future success.

My hope and expectations is that this move will deliver significant benefits to both parties, as well as of course to investors in their funds, once the dust starts to settle.

Fund EcoMarket ‘More Info’ Update

We are also in the process of re-running our research for the ‘More Info’ fields on Fund EcoMarket – the text, filters and links area.

In case you are not familiar with it this section includes text about how funds operate from an ethical or SRI perspective.  This information is supplied by fund managers (and checked by ourselves).  It includes information on individual fund policies, strategies, features and URL links to fund manager sites.

We will be sending out (newly extended) questionnaire to review and add to the information we hold on funds.  We will start with the funds we already hold information on and then spread the net wider – to include new funds.

If you would like to have (regulated, retail) fund information added to this unique adviser friendly resource please contact me.

Other news -IT changes

We are also in the process of switching to a new (larger and more local) IT provider for Fund EcoMarket.

Our hope is that our service will be unaffected (which is why we have done all our updates first)  but please bear with us if things go a little skewwhiff for a day or two later this month (but please do get in touch if it persists!)

This also means we won’t be making any visible changes to the system for a few weeks as the new platform will need testing before it can go live … the joy!


Meanwhile, perhaps more importantly,  I’d like to wish you a very (unbranded) Happy Easter… 🙂


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