Sustainable, responsible and ethical fund selection criteria – to be updated

fem-home-screen-mar-17We are currently in the process of reviewing the SRI /ethical selection filters on – ahead of updating our fund research very soon.

We welcome your suggestions for updating the SRI specific filter options.

The aim of this (free to use) fund information hub is to help raise awareness of the options that are available to UK investors with an interest in ethical, social and environmental issues.

It’s audience is mainly (but by no means exclusively) financial advisers – many of whom may not research this area often.

As such it is important that the site does not become hugely complicated – eg with dozens of options for each filter!  (The detail sits in the text or is available via the links to fund manager websites within the individual fund entries.)

We do however want this to remain as useful and relevant as possible!

So – if there are any important additions you would find useful for us to add please get in touch.


About Fund EcoMarket filters

At present Fund EcoMarket offers the ability to identify ‘potentially appropriate’ sustainable, responsible and ethical investment (regulated, retail and manly onshore) options through a number of filters.

These include generic fund identification filters (that could relate to any fund) as follows:

  • Fund name
  • Product  (OEIC, Pension, Life etc)
  • Investment Type (UK, Global, Mixed Asset etc)


SRI specific filters – the major USP of this site  – as follows:

  • SRI Styles (our segmentation or ‘labels’ that reflect the core strategies that exist for UK investors and help users understand key ‘ethical’ differentiators )
  • SRI Fund Policies (which highlight the key ethical, sustainable and responsible investment options – and help refine searches further for users of our SRI Styles segmentation – eg ‘animal welfare policy’, ‘avoids tobacco’, ‘sustainability policy’)
  • SRI Fund Features (relate to how policies are pan out in practice and other measure of expertise or differentiation from an ethical or values based perspective – eg ‘favours cleaner & greener companies’, ‘faith friendly’ or ‘positive selection bias’)
  • Corporate SRI Activity (which points to fund manager strategies that underpin or supplement individual fund strategies – such as ‘Publish Responsible Ownership / Sustainability report’,  ‘ESG integration’, ‘Vote all shares at AGMs’  and In house expertise.)

If you share our view that it is hugely important to help people find investment options that meet their personal ethical, social and environmental aims for all or some of these funds please check out what we do and let me know if you’d like to see any changes!


ps – Fracking is already on the update list!

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