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The information here is no longer current.  Please see FCA website for up to date information.


FG12/15  clarifies advice requirements

See this link for an sriServices view on the June 2012 FSA paper 12/15 and how it relates to the SRI maket .

This includes comment on the FSA clarifications which sets out the need for wrap and platform users to offer SRI and ethical options to all clients even if their regular provider does not offer such options.

The Fund EcoMarket tool lists funds by distributer, meaning that advisers can easily find which platforms offer their favorite SRI options.


Green and Ethical Funds on Platforms and Wraps

The success of platforms and wraps is clear – however although many offer excellent access to funds and numerous complex services they generally offer little support for those interested in green and ethical investment.  If you work with or for a platform provider and would like to discuss this challenge we would be happy to speak with you. 

For some background to our thoughts on this area you may like to read the report written by Julia Dreblow for industry association  UKSIF as part of National Ethical Investment Week 2010 ‘Green and Ethical funds on Platforms and Wraps’ .


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