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transpareny times 2sriServices is happy to be leading the Transparency Task Force  PISCES ‘pod’ that will be exploring the area of obligatory fact finding for ‘sustainable responsible or ethical investment’ (SRI) options.

Our view is that asking clients whether or not they are interested in this area is important for a range of reasons including:

  • concern about environmental, social and governance issues is increasing yet most individual investors do not know they can reflect their opinions through their investment strategies. In order for them to do so this area should be brought to their attention by investment professionals as part of offering ‘appropriate’ options, ‘KYC’, ‘best advice’ and other core tenets of retail financial services. (This has been optional for over 30 years and still investment significantly lags investor support – which indicates the need for change of some form.)
  • with issues such as climate change, sustainability and human rights becoming ever higher profile and more important to business we believe it is increasingly likely to be in clients best financial interest to consider such issues
  • we believe it is in the best interest of both the financial community and society at large to enable people to direct money towards companies that exhibit demonstrably higher environmental, social and governance standards

If you agree with this view or would like to contribute to how we move forward in this are please sign up below.

TTF PISCES Fact Finding signup here.

Please note this is a new group and we will be looking for areas that we can all agree on over the coming weeks and months – in order to work out how best to proceed.

Our view is that this is simply about raising awareness of SRI and helping individual investors to find investments that suit their personal needs.


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To see the online sriServices fact find ‘Questionnaire’ or check out which funds are available in the retail SRI market please go to Fund EcoMarket.


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