Step 3 –  Combining SRI and other fact find information

Aim: To identify relevant and appropriate SRI options

Action:   Use Fund EcoMarket to find SRI funds in relevant investment sectors and product areas


To recommend investment options you need to take into account both SRI aims and information deduced from your standard fact find process.  Fund EcoMarket is intended to help advisers shortlist relevant options more easily by combining SRI fact finding with basic fund information so that advisers can shortlist SRI funds effectively and efficiently.


Having completed the on-line Fund EcoMarket fact find questions you can then select relevant ‘Product’ options and ‘Sectors’ to generate a list of all relevant SRI funds.   Advisers have the option to save or print all the options that are generated or to select only those that are considered appropriate – based on their experience or other factors.

The list of SRI funds can then be used as the basis for further research – applying information gathered elsewhere to help you to rule in and rule out fund options.

You should carry out your regular due diligence on SRI fund options as with any other recommendation and finalise your advice process as normal.  This may involve combining SRI and non SRI options.

You may find our top tips directory helps explain how and why SRI funds may differ from other non-SRI investment options.

At the end of Step 3 you should have a list of SRI investment options to discuss with your client.

 NOTE: This process works on the assumption that a standard fact find questionnaire has been completed and that you understand your clients investment aims and attitude to risk.  It also assumes that you have an idea of possible product solutions and that information relating to both these areas has been entered into the Fund EcoMarket tool in order to produce your list of SRI options.

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