Step 2:  Identify SRI Aims

Aim: To identify relevant SRI strategies

Action: Use Fund EcoMarket tools to fact find clients’ SRI Aims


For clients with an interest in SRI, green or ethical investment you need identify what areas of SRI most appeal to them and identify possible fund options.


To help advisers to do the sriServices has created an on-line tool for advisers – the Fund EcoMarket tool.  The tool is a comprehensive SRI fund database, but includes a “supplementary SRI fact find questionnaire” – which comprises 21 tick box ‘high level’ indicator questions.

Clients should select the phrases they feel most closely represent their ethical, social, environmental or religious views or ‘SRI aims’.

Fund EcoMarket uses this information to identify the three best fit SRI Styles (EcoStyles).

If Style preferences are already known advisers can select the ‘Style’ option rather than completing the questionnaire.

If you prefer your client to complete this questionnaire in their own time you can offer them the url  so they can go through the fact find questionnaire at their own pace.  This microsite also includes brief explanations of the SRI Styles.


Adviser Tips:

Do not expect your client to be aware of what is available.  They may only have heard of screened ethical funds but in practice be more interested in other approaches.  It may be appropriate for you to explain the different areas of SRI – different clients will require different levels of detail.  You may wish to discuss the issues and, or approaches , or prefer to move straight to discussing the various green and ethical SRI/Eco styles that are available.


At the end of Step 2 you should know what areas of SRI your client is most interested in and have a list of possible SRI fund options.

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