Advice Roadmap – Adviser Checklist

Step 1 – Have you added a green and ethical fact find question to your standard fact find?

Step 2 – Have you considered the fund EcoStyles that will best suit your clients needs?

Step 3 – Have you drawn up a list of possible fund options that fit within the styles that are of interest to your client?

Does the overall structure look right in terms of the issues and approaches taken by the fund managers and those requested by your client?

Are your clients SRI goals clearly reflected in the funds you are suggesting? If not – have any differences been discussed and documented?

What are the ‘wow factors’ that will delight your client?

If you have selected second choice styles, have you discussed your reasons – or considered offering a mix of styles?

Is the overall risk and investment profile right? Does this meet their regular investment aims?

If your client is keen on green and ethical investment and you are considering including non SRI funds – have you considered ‘engagement only’ options?

Are there any panel, platform, compliance or other issues that you ought to take into account?

Remember to ask for referrals – green and ethical investment is an area people are often happy to tell their friends about.

When considering risk have you considered the full range of issues that can impact performance?


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