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SRI and ethical investment literature and links for financial advisers:  the following items have been produced either by sriServices or with our involvement...

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  • Fund EcoMarket ‘Screened, Themed and Engaged’ brochure – showing suggested advice process, and how sriStyles meet the ‘Big 3’ client SRI/ethical aims.  This is designed as a six side folding A5 brochure. Two download options: 6 x A4 pages for better readability.  Or –  Front/back 2 x A4 pages to show original layout.
  • ILP Moneyfacts articles 2017 – Ethical fund survey and ‘Actuaries & Climate Risk – a convenient intervention’
  • SRI Styles in Brief – June 2017 update
  • RSMR SRI Guide for financial advisers produced in collaboration with sriServices November 2016 (revised version)
  • CII Thinkpiece – SRI: Environmentally, Socially and Financially Useful’ Julia Dreblow September 2016
  • RSMR Matrix  1608-sri-matrix-v9
  • Client Fact Find Questionnaire – corresponding with fields on Fund EcoMarket May 2016
  • ‘SRI Styles in brief’ a one page expanation Fund EcoMarket SRI Styles classifications May 2016
  • May 2016 PFS/IIL ‘Bringing Sustainable Responsible and Ethical Investment into the advice process’ event Podcast and presentation slides link . Slides also available here.
  • ‘5 Step advice process’ Fund EcoMarket linked brochure – offering help with integrating SRI into the advice process (March 2016)
  • Synaptics Conections magasine ‘Enquiring Stewards’ article (by Julia) April 2016
  • Citywire ‘Adviser KnowHow’  interview with Julia Dreblow for New Model Adviser February 2016  – see below.
  • RSMR/sriServices SRI Guide for advisers – September 2015
  • ’30 people, 30 words, 30 years’ guide  kindly published by PanaceaAdviser for sriServices September 2015
  • New Synaptic Software Ethical Fact Find Questionnaire September 2015
  • ILP Moneyfacts ‘Stranded Assets’ article by Julia Dreblow August 2015
  • ILP Moneyfacts SRI article by editor Richard Eagling –  A Greener Future July 2015
  • ILP Moneyfacts SRI article  Stepping Stones for Success  by Julia Dreblow May 2015
  • New RSMR SRI rated fund matrix March 2015
  • Moneyfacts SRI feature January 2015 ‘Ready to play ball?’ by Julia Dreblow. The article is available here.
  •  Parmenion (DFM/Platform provider)  portfolio selector / fact find questionnaire January 2015
  • Capita Connections magasine ‘Because it IS about the Money, Money Money’, SRI article by Julia Dreblow  (Or link to full magazine here). Published December 2014.
  •  ‘SRI Fact Finding’  adviser teleconference please use this link.  to listen to a recording of this sriServices event (during Good Money Week 14)
  • Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts SRI feature‘Trust and a Cleaner, Greener Future’, by Julia Dreblow September 2014
    •  See ‘Videos’ page for 2014 event recordings
  • Adviser Guide to SRI  – a RSMR / sriServices collaboration – June 2014
  • RSMR (Rayner Spencer Mills Research)   Rated SRI Fund  Matrix – segmented by sriServices ‘SRI Styles’ – June 2014
  • Investment Life and Pensions Moneyfacts  SRI article June 2014 (3 pages) here.
  • Parmenion DFM – See here for links to new literature  showing SRI portfolio options
  •  ‘SRI Styles Overview’ – a one page overview for advisers – outlining the main forms of SRI and Ethical Investment (by sriServices / Julia Dreblow)
  • SRI Adviser Guide –  online  SRI Guide for Financial Advisers (written by Julia Dreblow sriServices), published November 2013
  • ‘SRI StyleFinder’ Fact Find, from sriServices –  A client microsite with generic SRI styles information and fact find questionnaire. The following link can be sent to clients or embedded into an adviser’s own site. . This questionnaire is also ‘printable’ and may be available for ‘white labelling’.
  • Capita Synaptic Fact find. Revised Capita Synaptic Ethical factfind Nov 13.  This is an ‘issues and approaches’ based questionnaire that relates to the Capita/Synaptic Research fund tool.
  • Client Video. A two minute B2C PPT video for use by financial advisers (please note advisers are responsible for any compliance aspects).  See below.
  • Adviser Bootcamp (Blue & Green Tomorrow)  SRI training event pdf – download information and slides , the first of which is ‘Dynamism, Diversity and Collaboration, the way forward in retail SRI’ by Julia Dreblow.
  • ‘Responsible Engagement’ research by sriServices press release, 12 March 2013 – shedding light on welcome ‘behind the scenes’ activity at F&C Asset Management, Jupiter Asset Management, Kames Capital, Legal and General Investment Management, Scottish Widows Investment Partners and Standard Life Investments.
  • Adviser Video: an ‘Introduction to Fund EcoMarket’ by sriServices, our SRI database tool for financial advisers – an easy to use tool which segments SRI options into ‘SRI Styles’  – see below.
  •  ‘Adviser Guide to SRI’ a Rayner Spencer Mills and sriServices collaborative project, kindly sponsored by Ecclesiastical and F&C, which introduces key SRI/ethical investment advice concepts and includes an SRI fund list split by Styles.  Register here for 2012 pdf download of the guide .
  • FTAdviser guide to SRI – 60 Minutes CPD, which includes a range of commentary from GAEIA, Alliance Trust and sriServices.
  • FSA document FG12/15 –  sriServices commentary on the compliance and business implications of the many references to ethical/SRI found in this recent final guidance document.
  • Fund EcoMarket  SRI Styles Directory–  single page explanations of each of the main SRI Styles, by sriServices
  • SRI Styles ‘Strategic Drivers’ diagram – click here to a download (pdf) diagram (from sriServices) which introduces the diverse range of balances been ‘values’ and ‘financial objectives’ across the SRI spectrum.   Please be aware these are indicative only.
  • ‘SRI: A Growing Opportunity for Advisers’ article in Capita/Synaptics Connections magasine 2012, article by Julia Dreblow
  • Introduction to SRI – a brief draft client PowerPoint presentation slides for adaptation by advisers – from sriServices
  • Access Fund EcoMarket adviser database tool here
  • ‘Fund EcoMarket SRI Styles in Brief’ –  to download a ‘one page aid memoire’ pdf outlining all the main SRI Styles
  • sriServices blog link

Citywire Adviser KnowHow video – Julia Dreblow February 2016 (removed)

Introductory Video for Advisers and Paraplanners:

See video below for 25 minute ‘Introduction to Fund EcoMarket database tool’ presentation:

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Introduction to Fund EcoMarket Oct 2012 final with narration from juliadreblow

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Available for download, but please note advisers are responsible for any compliance aspects






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