Green and Ethical Investment: 400 retail options

Having returned from beautiful, if damp, Devon I now have the delight of putting the finishing touches onto the new SRI Services Fund EcoMarket database tool at long last!

The Fund database now has over 400 retail fund entries – with funds split by product and investment sector as well as by their approach to green and ethical issues.

The database pilot is due to start soon. This innovative new tool will support financial advisers who are keen to make the most of the growing opportunities offered by sustainable and responsible investment. It covers Life, Pension, Unit Trust/OEIC and Investment Trust options – primarily drawing on those listed by Synaptic Research.

As set out in late Spring, the seven identified ‘EcoStyles’ of SRI investment are Engagement Only, Sustainability Themed, Balanced Ethical, Environmental Themed, Traditional Ethical, Faith Based and Clean Technology. As such, some are ‘ethical investments’, some are ‘green investments’ and others are not classified as either – but all are ‘SRI’ funds with a ‘Sustainable and/or Responsible Investment remit.

The first phase of the database will include basic SRI information only. The information is aligned with the adviser training materials that are already available on the SRI Services site.

The aim of the approach we have taken is to help advisers to recognise the depth and breadth of options that are available to UK investors right now – in a way that will help advisers to meet the demands of the adviser ISO 22222.

If you are in financial services and would like more information on the database, the classifications or the support available for advisers do contact us!


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