Paul Mabon – Director – Brookdale IFP Limited (with reference to Fund EcoMarket v2 – September 2015)

“… I think that your site is the missing link for many IFAs who are nervous/anxious about raising ethical investing with their clients. It gives them a process and an audit trail – and I suspect many of those advisers who don’t raise ethical investing with their clients don’t raise the issue because they have no process in place if the client was to say that they did want to invest ethically. This is what happened to me, and it was only because I wanted to offer ethical investing to my clients that I discovered your site through my own research.”

Lee Coates ACII – Director, Ethical Investors and Ethical Screening

“I have worked with Julia for many years and have found her a passionate, well informed and influential part of the ethical/socially responsible investment scene for all this time. Her knowledge of the entire market has always been impressive, and she has always been thought of as one of the more innovative thinkers in this constantly evolving area. Unlike many whose knowledge of ethical/SRI might be limited to the ‘issues’, Julia has always shown an empathy for the needs of the IFA sector, and has a detailed knowledge of Life, Pension and Investment Company workings. This has provided her with a quite unique ‘rounded’ view of the sector.”

Steve Waygood – Head of Sustainability Research and Engagement, Aviva Investors

“I worked with Julia for many years on UKSIF’s board and her knowledge of the market size and structure for retail SRI was invaluable. She was a great help with the development of UKSIF’s SRI toolkit for IFAs, and she remains an excellent champion for the industry.”

Karen Barrett, Chief Executive, Unbiased.co.uk

“Julia Dreblow has a long history of working in the ethical investment sector and understands in detail both the nuances of the market and how to explain these – using Fund EcoMarket makes it easy to distinguish between funds.

Segmenting funds into styles will help IFAs to offer SRI advice to their clients more easily and this should help strengthen client relationships as green and ethical issues are increasingly in demand from the consumers we are dealing with who are actively looking for advice”.

Penny Shepherd MBE , former Chief Executive UKSIF

“Julia is a committed champion of green and ethical investment with a great awareness of both today’s modern and evolving options for mainstream clients and the more traditional approaches.”

Andy Pilkington – Former Product Manager, Capita Financial Software / Synaptic Research (to April 2011)

“The emergence of SRI Services is a great development for the financial services industry. Having worked closely with Julia Dreblow over many years, it is pleasing to see that her enthusiasm and industry expertise will now reach an even wider community.

Julia has been instrumental in the ongoing development of the ethical modules within Synaptic Research tools, by dedicating her time in helping me to understand the fast-moving marketplace; providing guidance for system design; and crucially introducing me to her many contacts throughout the industry.   Julia has been, and will continue to be, one of the most respected names associated with SRI.”

Peter Brookes – Former Training Manager, CIFA , at what was the IFA arm of the Co-Operative Bank

“Julia has provided a wide range of support on the subject of SRI/ethical investments; this has varied from focused slots at team meetings to whole day, in-depth training. However, no matter what the format, the feedback has always been highly positive, highlighting Julia’s ability to translate this often misunderstood area into simple easy to understand sessions, for sharing and educating our customers.”

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