Fund manager and distributor sponsorship and data entry information

Fund EcoMarket is comprehensive, independent and free to use…  made possible thanks to the support of our sponsoring partners

Our aim is to ‘grow retail SRI’ by bringing together information that showcases the many different ways in which individual investors’ diverse needs can be met through ethical, sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) options.  

We believe current SRI fund inflows are a long way from reflecting the real level of individual investor interest – and that the potential for growth in this important market is very significant.  

Fund EcoMarket is all about facilitating this transition by offering advisers and others help identifying investors ethical, social and environmental aims and finding ‘ethically appropriate’ investment options – with lots of supporting information.

To ensure this tool is useful to independent advisers we list all relevant regulated, retail, onshore funds (plus some extras) .

We are however entirely reliant on support from fund mangers who share our aims.

In return for their support out partners enjoy the following benefits on the Fund EcoMarket website:

  • sponsor logos are shown on the Fund EcoMarket home page – and can be ‘clicked’ to select only their funds
  • sponsor’s funds are listed ahead of other entries (in random order)
  • sponsor logos are shown alongside their fund entry(ies), and displayed in a larger font
  • sponsors can use our logo on their website
  • where appropriate sponsor logos are displayed at events and in promotional material

What next?

Please contact us  if you would like to become a sponsor or are interested in adding information to Fund EcoMarket.

(Please do not complete our fund questionnaire until we have confirmed eligibility.)


Adding fund data/corporate information to Fund EcoMarket

There are two different forms that relate to entries on our website; for ‘individual fund entries’ and ‘corporate level entries’.

These can be downloaded via our Fund EcoMarket site here.


Fund EcoMarket overview

Fund EcoMarket is a ‘whole of retail SRI market’ directory,  information hub and tool.

By this we mean – all regulated, onshore, retail SRI and ethical funds are listed – plus a number of other related fund entries and ‘Responsible Ownership’ and ‘ESG Integration’ entries (ie Corporate Level) and SICAV options.  We plan to increase the number of entries over time – expanding into areas such as DFMs and offshore funds.

Fund EcoMarket (the fund database hub) and SRI StyleFinder (the online SRI Fact Find tool) helps make it easier for people (particularly advisers) to identify key ‘ethical aims’ and find options that suit those aims.  The fact find ‘output’ can be used in the ‘SRI Styles’ filter option on the database to find ‘ethically relevant’ options more quickly. The search can also be refined with the use of additional filters.

Both areas of the site help meet adviser ‘audit trail’ requirements – as they offer full reporting functions.

Please note, the information we offer is intended to compliment advisers existing processes (and tools) by presenting information that is rarely available elsewhere.  Information on our sites also sets out how this area can be built into the advice process.  The information we show is however for information only.  It does not constitute advice and we are not authorised or regulated.

We were awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the Corporation of London’s prestigious Sustainable City Awards in 2015 (‘Sustainable Finance’ category) and shortlisted in 2016 – as well being a finalist in two 2016 Investment Week awards.

Please contact if you would like to work with us to help grow retail SRI.











This information is for use by UK professional financial advisers only. SRI Services is not authorised to give investment advice, if you are an individual investor you can find an IFA on The information on this site does not in any way constitute advice or recommendation. The information and tools are intended to compliment, not replace existing adviser information sources. Investment decisions should not be based on the information contained on this site alone. Please confirm fund information with fund managers. We cannot be held in responsible for advice given as a result of using this site and are not responsible for the content of sites linked to this service, we do however of course take every effort to ensure the content of this site is as accurate as possible at time of publication.