About SRI Services

SRI Services is the UK’s only independent company devoted entirely to advancing retail Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) – which we define as the full range of regulated ethical, sustainable and responsible investment funds that are intended for individual investors.

Our purpose is to encourage – and help facilitate – the expansion of SRI in order to help effect positive environmental and social change and meet individual investors’ personal values based needs better.  We believe in greater transparency and access to information in investment.  As such, our main area of work the Fund EcoMarket fund tool is open to everyone – however our main focus is financial services professionals, particularly financial advisers and other financial services intermediaries.

We are not authorised to offer investment advice and do not deal directly with individual investors.  SRI Services and our free to use fund tool Fund EcoMarket were created by – and are managed by – Julia Dreblow BA Hons, DipPFS who has specialised in this area since the 1990’s.

Areas of business:

  • Provision of information and tools to facilitate the expansion of retail Sustainable, Responsible and Ethical Investment (SRI).  This is primarily via our fund hub Fund EcoMarket but supported by the sriServices.co.uk (our original adviser support) site.  As at Q1 2019 Fund EcoMarket boasts around 800 unique users per month (Analytics).
  • Consultancy and collaboration with a diverse range of retail financial services partners.  See our Partners Page for further information.  Julia also serves on the UKSIF board and is a Transparency Task Force advisory board member.
  • Media – regular contributor to IFA/retail investment intermediary publications (see link)
  • Events  / training – speaking at third party events and organising an annual conference for intermediaries (see link) during Good Money Week.
  • Consultations – we view is as essential to respond to industry consultations that help further the expansion of SRI, sustainable, climate friendly, ESG and related investments. (See www.fundecomarket.co.uk/help/blog for links.)


  • Nominated for 2019 Women in Financial Advice Award (‘Woman of the Year – Adviser Support Services’)
  • Transparency Taskforce ‘Transparency Trophy‘ winner December 2018 
  • Investment Week ‘SRI Research Provider of the Year Award’ 2016, 2017, 2018 Finalist. (Keynote speaker at IW 2018 ESG event)
  • Fund EcoMarket was also shortlisted  / finalist for this Sustainable City Award 2016. (Category no longer offered)
  • sriServices’ work was  ‘Highly Commended’ in the 2015 Corporation of LondonSustainable City Awards‘ (Sustainable Finance) category .  (Read more about the award here.)

Our purpose is simple: to advance retail sustainable and responsible investment

  • We fill a gap in the market by helping (mainly) financial advisers and other intermediaries to understand and meet their clients’ ‘green and ethical’ investment goals more easily.
  •  Fund EcoMarket database tool is a comprehensive, ‘whole of market’ database.   Funds are listed in directory style – and can be ‘sifted’ with the help of six filter options.
  • Fund EcoMarket is free  to use thanks to the support of Rathbones, Liontrust, Pictet, Quilter Cheviot, Triodos, Sarasin Partners, Unicorn, M&G, JanusHenderson, Kames, Foresight, WHEB and EdenTree.
  • Fund EcoMarket includes a Fact Find questionnaire which uses our unique  ‘ SRI Styles‘ segmentation system to help users identify their preferred SRI Styles via a client microsite.

Our Vision

To help shape an investment community that (a) understands the sustainability agenda and supports, rewards and benefits from well run, responsible, forward looking businesses;  (b) offers all investors the opportunity to invest in a way that suits their personal SRI related aims and opinions

Our Mission

To put individual investors and their advisers at the heart of a forward looking, sustainable and responsible investment community and to encourage all investors to support more sustainable business practices and lifestyles through well informed investment decision making.


Previous experience – overview

  • Julia was formerly the SRI Marketing Manager at Friends Provident, having started her career as a broker consultant with NPI in 1989.
  • Julia was re-elected to the UKSIF (not for profit) board in 2018 having previously served from 2002 – 09, where she chaired their Retail Sub-Committee and helped set up National Ethical Investment Week, now ‘Good Money Week’. (See ‘Biography’ for further information).

Keeping in touch

  • Fund Julia Dreblow and our Fund EcoMarket LinkedIn Group online
  • Sign  up to our ‘inSRI’ newsletter
  • OnTwitter via @JuliaDreblow  (this displays on the www.FundEcoMarket.co.uk home page).
  • For fund updates please contact Su on funds@sriServices.co.uk


sriServices is not authorised to offer investment advice, this site is intended for information purposes for UK based financial advisers only and does not constitute advice or recommendations of any form. Advisers are recommended to use this information in addition to their regular information sources and processes.

If you are an individual investor and require advice on SRI, green or ethical investment you can find an adviser via www.unbiased.co.uk or see the ‘Find Adviser’ button on our SRI StyleFinder site (available via our home page)






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This information is for use by UK professional financial advisers only. SRI Services is not authorised to give investment advice, if you are an individual investor you can find an IFA on www.unbiased.co.uk. The information on this site does not in any way constitute advice or recommendation. The information and tools are intended to compliment, not replace existing adviser information sources. Investment decisions should not be based on the information contained on this site alone. Please confirm fund information with fund managers. We cannot be held in responsible for advice given as a result of using this site and are not responsible for the content of sites linked to this service, we do however of course take every effort to ensure the content of this site is as accurate as possible at time of publication.