6 signs that say ‘this client should think about ethical investment in 2014’

Tips for financial advisers:

People who are interested in Ethical or Sustainable and Responsible Investment will not have it blazoned across their foreheads… nor are they likely to ask about it, as they probably don’t know it exists.

Yet any  client who expresses one or more of the following all too common sentiments is likely to be interested in what this area has to offer:

  • “I don’t really mind where I invest.  The options on the table don’t really mean anything to me.”

  • “I am investing for the longer term and I want my fund managers – and the companies they invest in – to do the same.”

  • “I think companies, employees and local communities should be treated reasonably by big business.”

  • “This weather seems to be pretty grim everywhere… I guess we should all be doing more about climate change.”

  • “Why don’t companies pay more attention to ethical stuff given the trouble it can cause when they get it horribly wrong?”

  • “I am sure that over the longer term companies that provide useful services, in a responsible fashion will do better than others.”

Sustainable and Responsible Investment options are highly diverse and cater for almost any ‘ethical’ interest and investment goal.

To find out more about this area check out the following links:

Advisers / Financial Services professionals:  See www.sriServices.co.uk for information on how the SRI/ethical investment market works, how funds can be segmented, the ‘Fund EcoMarket SRI database tool and ‘SRI StyleFinder’ client fact find questionnaire.  Alternatively – contact us for further information or support.

Individual investors: Please note the information we provide is intended for financial services professionals only.  However if you would like to work out which Styles of SRI you should be asking your financial adviser about you may like to check out our ‘SRI StyleFinder’ client fact find questionnaire on http://stylefinder.fundecomarket.co.uk/


This information is provided free of charge and intended solely to help explain sustainable and responsible investment & ethical investment.  Please note we are not authorised to offer financial advice. This is for information purposes only and potential investors should contact an authorised financial adviser for advice.


17 / 1 / 14 update:

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