302 segmented regulated retail SRI funds (& friends) 


sriServices has today completed the quarterly update of the Fund EcoMarket database tool. Regulated retail investment options now total 301.

This is in addition to the numerous ‘Responsible Investment’ options which are not included in this total as these listings are intended as ‘adviser signposts’ and show asset types rather than individual fund options.

 Notable change this time include:

  • Removal of BlackRock New Energy IT – which went into liquidation in February (2014)
  • Alternations to ‘Scot Eq’ branded options both on the Life and Pensions side

Areas to keep an eye out for include:

  • New Alliance Trust funds – which are not yet showing on listings
  • The Goldfield Solar Fund and the Truestone Impact funds were missing from my datafeed but have been left on the database pending further information (if any)

To check out which funds fit your client’s product, investment and SRI aims check out our database tool via www.fundecomarket.co.uk 

Alternatively you can learn more via our main home page www.sriServices.co.uk and read up on our segmentation methods which we call ‘SRI Styles’ – which are available via the ‘Fund EcoMarket Tool’ area and ‘Styles Directory’. 


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